15 Whatsapp tricks you should know in 2019

Lot of people using WhatsApp daily but nobody using at its full potential, because there are many whatsapp tricks which most people don’t know, for example do you know you can chat in whatsapp without changing last seen or you can freeze the last seen, or you can send whastapp messages without coming online, also you can see whether person reading you messages even if turned off read receipt.


15 Whatsapp tricks nobody knows

  1. Change font style in whatsapp stories

Do you known when you upload a image or video as whstapp status and write something in status then you gets a usual whstapp font style that most people don’t like because they can change font style in text whatsapp status. But do you know you can also change the text font in images or video status. Just put text, click and hold on click bar and swipe to left and you can see changing text font style.

2. Chat on whatsapp without coming online

You can chat on whatsapp without coming online and this is very simple. Just download the whatsapp hidden chat app and when anybody will message you, you can read and reply without opening whdtapp, so you last seen freezes.

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3. Track online status of users

You can track who comes online, you will get a notification when they come online and go offline, also you will be able to see for how long he or she is online on whatsapp.


4. Status all color

You can apply color on your video status if you just want to show audio, just click on pencil icon and long press on status and you will see the color only you selected.

5. Fingerprint lock

In whatsapp now you will also get fingerprint lock option and this is available in whatsapp beta only. Either download the whastapp beta or apply for Beta program to get this feature. Else wait and you will get this option soon by update in whatsapp.
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If anybody checking your messages but turned off read receipt and you want to check is he or she checking your messages then just send him or her a audio file and if he or she will play it then you will get two blue ticks even if she or he turned off read receipt.

7. Message someone without coming online

Just open your assistant and ask to send message on whatsapp to anybody, your message will sent without coming online.

So next time if you don’t want to open whatsapp but want to send some messages then use this method.

8. Nobody can add you in groups

Guys if you go to settings then accounts then privacy and click on groups and set nobody, then people cannot add you in a group without inviting you. You have to accept invitation top add in a group. You can also set this to contacts only so that only your contacts can add you in a group.

9. Join whatsapp group

Early there are lot of apps on playstore allows you to join any whdtapp group, but now you can’t find any app on playstore so just search on google and you can join any whdtapp group.

10. Forwarded message

Guys you can see message forwarded how many times

11. Record and swipe to lock

While recording audio message on whatsapp just tap on record button and immediately swipe up and button will lock and you have not to hold.

12. Request account info

You can request a account info for your whatsapp account and can see your whatsapp history.
Just go to settings by clicking on three dots on the top right bar and click account and request.

13. Enter key is send key

If you go to setting then chats and click on enter is send then next time when you write whatsapp message and click enter then your message will immediately sent to user.

14. Who you talk to most

Go to settings then Data usage and storage usage, then your contact list will come, just tap on it and see whom you sent large text messages, this way you can also check your girlfriend chats, who she chat most.

15. Whatsapp status forward and share
16. Conversation tones
For these two tricks watch my video


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