How I gained 20k Instagram followers organically in 1 week using Reels

In the last 10 days, I gained over 22k Real followers on Instagram using Reels. And you know but the best part is I have made this account only 10 days ago.  I just followed some techniques which I have learned in just 5 days but also added my 5 years of experience.

I didn’t do any promotion or didn’t spend even a single penny. I have only made videos and one by one most of my videos started getting views. I have got around 2.3M Views in one video in one week. Then I kept on making and other videos also got some views.

5th video with 2.3M Views

The average views first came to 1000 views per video, then 5000 views and now it’s over 25k views per video. Also, I have gained more than 6000 followers in one day only.

How I gained 20k Instagram followers organically

As I have told I have just made Instagram Reels and use some techniques learnt in 5 days. But I also added my 5 years of experience with Youtube and Instagram itself.

From the very start, I also want to get a lot of followers and used many hashtags techniques. But didn’t got over 100 followers in one month. But all this experience come to use today.

I have just followed the simple technique and you have to follow the same method to getting Real followers organically


  1. You will get free followers
  2. They will not unfollow you
  3. They will like your content
  4. You will get money for promotions as you will become an influencer
  5. You will get verified when you will become a brand.


You have to give time which most people don’t have.

Now we are going for the main part, How to gain real Instagram followers using Instagram Reels.

As I have said have implemented my 5 years of experience on youtube and Instagram and this is the “Content is king” and “Rights hashtags strategy” respectively.

Now let me walk through what does this means and how you can implement this to get real growth on Instagram

You just have to make quality content that people will love. And I know most people don’t know how can I get quality content. So I will share the exact sources which I’m usiing to get the quality content.

1. Instagram channels

Yes, I’m following some Instagram channels or accounts that provide content and I just make reels on those.

List of Channels

  1. Techy tricks

This channel always provides amazing technology tricks and also awesome apps that will ease your life and you can make Reels of these tricks.

Note: You need to select only one niche and stick to that. Don’t do like today you made tricks reels and tomorrow you are making reels on health then gym. Your viewers will not interact with you and you will not grow.

2. Weekendtricks

You can also follow me because I provide some more tricks

3. Expert

This Instagram channel also provides very good knowledge which most people like and you can make reels on these to go viral.

Like check I didn’t know earlier that owner of Louis vuitton beats jeff bezos and became the richest man in the world.

And you know facts like these are very interesting and lot of people wants to know these things.

You can also make general knowledge reels or any reels which you have knowledge and like the most.

Similarly, other channels are-





There is a lot you need to find them AND also comment down your channel below if your channel is good then we will add it to our list.

2. Reels

You can watch many Instagram reels and can re-create them they also get views. Because I have seen so many same videos, I mean exact and got a lot of likes.

Like check this reels and this is an interesting topic and i will make the same reel in my way to get views.

You can follow some accounts and watching their reels you can make the same.

You can even follow me and make the same as I have made. Trust me you will learn this like how to get likes. I mean which reel works and which reel doesn’t.

What Really matters to get organic instagram followers?

  1. Music or sound doesn’t matter- Lot of people told me to use good sound and good music in videos and I found that this doesn’t matter because so many videos with no music got good views and so many with even popular music doesn’t get any views.
  2. Video picture quality little matters- Yes this matters little but it doesn’t, mean you need DSLR or a good camera. You just use your phone and the video should be clear to watch because in 2021 none like 3gp videos.
  3. Content- Yes only this matters. This is like most important that you need to focus on. You find good content that people will like and I have made this guide only regarding content and nothing else, so just follow the above methods.
  4. Hashtags- I have used so many hashtags and found it doesn’t matter that much in the case of reels. Only content which is king matters. Because my video with 2.3 M views have no hashtags.
  5. Regularity- ITS LIKE MATTER THTE MOST, Because if you will make delays then you will start losing the audience and you will soon get less views. So be regular and increase the quality of content with time, But this doesn’t mean you will make any reels.
  6. Quality- Yes this matters for growth, It doesn’t mean you making 720p videos and now you need to make 1080p. By quality means the quality of content. Like do it give any value to the user. If it’s like none really cares then don’t make reels about that.
  7. Niche- If you made random videos and your one video got popular doesn;t mean you will keep on making random videos. Now the time has arrievd to make videos on a niche that you got views.

Why? Because your viewers only want to watch that. Like if I want to lose weight and i found a popular reel about losing weight and next time he uploaded about gaining weight then I will not watch that video.

Then? It will impact the video and Instagram will not show to viewers like me who is in this case his most audience through popular video.

So only follow your niche.


Q1. How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

I suggest focusing on Instagram reels rather than any other method. Because i have gained 23k Instagram followers using reels in 10 days only. And this is because one my reel got 2.3M views.

Due to this reel, my all other video started getting views and the other reel then got 1M views and then the next reel got 563k views. Al this because of one reel and given me so many real Instagram followers.

Q2. How do you get 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

This is hard but not possible because i have gained 5k followers in 10 hours only. I just made instagram reels and I got 500k views in one reel in one day and that given me 5k instagram followers.

Q3. How can I get Instagram followers fast and free?

The only answer is through instagram Reels. Because only this is working and it’s also very fast. Like i have never got 5k Instagram followers in 10 hours. I maximum got 100 followers in one day. But Instagram reels really worked. So start making Instagram reels today.


As I told make Instagram reels because this is working only. Don’t try anything else. Not even try to get free followers by using some websites. Just focus on reels and make quality content. Follow the methods I have given to make quality content and you will get a lot of views and will get free instagram followers.

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