5 Instagram Tips and tricks

Hello guys Instagram is growing very fast and there are millions of users on instagram. Many people using Instagram daily, but not everybody know some instagram tricks and method that only some people uses. From those tricks, i will tell you 5 Instagram method that will make your Instagram experience, even more, better and you will find it amazing.

Guys many people mainly want to grow Instagram followers and want to get likes on their photos and views on their videos. That I will share in my next post. Today i will show you like how you can still see the messages if other users unsend it, or how you can put a circle around your dp, or how you can see people stories without knowing you have seen it, or how you can see people messages without coming online.
So let’s start with our first trick of Instagram method and tricks

5 Instagram Tips and tricks

1. Glowing text
You can write a blinking and glowing text on instagram stories that will catch users attention and will definitely read that text, You just need to open stories, have to click on stickers and then search glowing and you will find one sticker that is glwoimg, just save that sticker as video and then discard stories, its very hard to understand here so please directly watch the process in video
2. Followers assistant
Using this app or trick you can unfollow all people at once, you can find your ghost followers. Ghost followers are those users who following you but not likes you images and watches you videos so they are like dead for you Instagram account and thus calls ghost followers.
Also you can know whom you following and they not following you back, and how many people unfollowed follow. Just login your account in this app and click on checklist button given in first screen, rest explained in video.
3. Canva app
Using this app you can attach a circle around your profile picture, that circle looks very amazing and makes your profile to stand out in rush, i mean where lots of profile are showing then your profiles looks different due to that circle.
Just open canva app, make account then click on plus button given in first screen, then again click on plus button given in second screen, after that choose the image and then click illustration, choose shape as circle and put around your profile. To know better just watch the video.
4a. See unsend messages

You just need to download the app called Insta saver, the icon of app looks like this. Just download this app, and you don’t have to login. It will automatically detect your account and you can see unsend messages and also check users messages without coming online on instagram, or can check users messages without them knowing you have seen.
4b. Check instagram stories without them knowing you have seen

You just need to download the other app. The app icon is likes this called unseen and deleted messages and stories, in this app you can see users stories without them knowing you seen their story.
5. Add link in stories
Just post like in IGTV Video description and ask people to open link via igtv video description, and also share the IGTV Video (Instgram television) on ypur stories, by clicking on errow button given after comment icon in every post.


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