7 Best free Android apps 2022

We all use android apps daily. But if you want to raise the experience of using your android phone, then you should definitely check out these 7 best free android apps 2022.

Because these are the most used trending apps of 2022 till now. So you will definitely love these apps. Now the other thing is these apps are free and will change your whole experience of using your android mobile.

I personally use these apps a lot because it gives me so many features that I wanted from long time. So below is the list of the 7 best free android apps you must install.

7 Best free android apps 2022 you must install

The download button for apps is given under every app so you can download and install apps by clicking that download button.

1. Raise to answer

Like the name of the app, it picks up the call if you bring the device near to your ear. And declines the calls if you put your phone upside down.

It’s very amazing because when you get a call, you have to click that pickup or decline button all the time. And sometimes when we are busy it becomes so frustrating, so this app gets the job done.

You can also see these options in the screenshot below. You can turn these features on and off. But it’s very amazing to have an app like this.

best free android apps 2022
Credits: Google Play Store

Next time when you will receive the call you just have to either bring the device near to your ear or put it upside down.

2. Folder widget

This app is seriously very amazing if you want some customization for your home screen. I mean it creates widgets for you where you can place apps, settings, phone shortcuts, settings, etc.

I mean you can place apps in a very little area and it looks very beautiful. Seriously this is super amazing for people who want to do customizations on their android.

You can put an app like this where I have made a 3×2 widget but you can make anyone you like. And you can also play with padding and margins to make it more eye-catching.

Best free android app folder widget

3. Download Progress++

We always download stuff from the internet. And we always need to check our notification panel for how much our download is completed. But this download progress shows you the real-time progress on your status bar or screen.

You just need to do some simple settings and you can see the progress of the download whenever you download anything.

And this works everywhere like Facebook, Chrome, Whatsapp, Instagram, any browsers, downloading apps, etc. And that’s why it’s among best free android apps 2022

The cool thing is it’s free and gets the job done.

4. Wallpaper changer

Wallpaper change app lest you change wallpaper every day, or every hour, or by double tapping on the phone screen.

It provides HD, 4K, and Amoled wallpaper that you can choose from and set as home screen and lock screen wallpaper.

Also, you can set two different wallpapers, one for the home screen and one for the lock screen


KWGT means custom widgets for your phone, and with miui widgets, you can make your phone look stunning. I’m not kidding, it looks like future UI. The design is very amazing and I always install this app on my android phone.

Just look at the design of my home screen using these widgets. The thing is one widget has so many small widgets and all works. It looks very modern UI.

6. Notification shortcut

This is also a really cool app. Because it allows you to place apps and settings in your notification panel.

Like me, you can place your most used app directly in your notification panel. And believe me, it helps a lot. Like many times I do not find some apps. Then either I search for them or find them on the playstore.

But this is really cool for this purpose. As you can see in the screenshots below how it looks in the notification panel. I have added some most used app list here. And so i added this in best free android apps 2022

7. Spotiflier

Spotiflier allows you to download songs using their link only. So you can directly save them in your sd card or internal memory and can listen to them anytime.

These apps do the unbelievable thing so it got its place in the list of 7 best free android apps 2022

So this is the list of the 7 best free android apps 2022 and I hope you like these apps. If you want to download these apps then you can download them directly using the download button.

Conclusion for best free android apps 2022

These best free android apps 2022 are taken from most download android apps lists and some other sources. These apps are recommended by the biggest tech YouTubers across the globe.

I personally like these best free android apps 2022 a lot and I think you should also give it a try. Also if you need any help then do let me know in the comments and I will reply to your comments very fast.

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