7 Best android apps of 2021 | Best apps for android

If you also want to know about the best android apps of 2021 then this is the guide for you. I love android apps and when it comes to the best android apps, I just install them. The 7 android apps will really help you in some way.

Google play store has over 3 million apps on its store. And I know you cannot check all apps to find the best apps. Also, this will take a lot of time. And that’s why we look for new, popular and most used apps every day to find the best apps.

You may also have seen the trend of MA-YA-HI song where all celebrities photos singing this song. I just seen these video on Reels and many popular videos platform. I will also help you to make videos like that

List of 7 Best android apps

1. Round Light RGB

Round light RGB is an amazing app that turns your phone screen borders into glowing RGB lights. Means glowing rainbow lights across the border. You can also see the image below for how it looks.

You can set the RGB lights either on the Home screen or Lock screen or Phone screen. By phone screen I mean the light will continuously appear all time when you using the phone.

But I like the home screen and lock screen feature because when I turn on my phone it looks good. Glowing RGB all the time will make you uninstall it. So just enjoy the amazing colours on the lock screen or home screen.

2. Reface

Reface is really entertaining and AI technology app. In this app, you can just put your face on any meme video. Like you might have seen videos like this, where the face of somebody is pasted on somebody else video.


If you also want to make videos like this then just upload your photo and it will make the video for you.

3. Wombo, Avatarify & Buigo

I think you have seen the trending video MA-YA-HI where face of elon musk or anybody is moving with the song. If not just watch the video below. It is trending these days.


If you want to know how you can also make this video and have fun with friends. Then you must use these three apps. Here using AI technology you can make anybody singing. Just upload the photo and choose the song and i will start to sing.

Buigo similar App –Download

4. True Phone

True is basically a phone app just like you phone dialer. But the other thing you will also get in app is you can change the caller screen. You can make it look like iOS, Pixel, Oneplus, Miui and simple caller screen.

Also, you will get the feature for how to display caller display image. You can change the shapes and can also add some effects. For this reason, i like this app because all other apps bombard with ads but this app is ad-free.

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The amazing thing you will also get the call recorder with this app.

5. VcallFree

Using Vcallfree app you can make free calls to any number in the world. I mean you can make international calls for free. And you know what else, the number will be any random number. It means person will receive calls from private or unknown number. And on which they cannot call you back.

6. Final Video Downloader

As the name it is really the final video downloader on play store. Bceause it gives you the ability to download any video using link. You can download any video like moj, takatak, roposo for free.

It supports many website from where you can download the videos. So just install the app and enjoy downloading videos. It also stores the videos in phone app itself so you can find, share and delete from there only.

Final Video downloader also ad free app so you will not annoy with those ads.

7. Toon me

Toon me is the best app i have ever seen for making you photos like cartoons or animated. I think you may have seen many apps that gurantees to make your photos like plain art. But trust me no app do this.

best android apps

But Toon me uses special AI Technology using which you can make photos like this. You just have to select the photo and select what type of output you want and it will do this for you.

best android apps

So these are some best android apps to install in 2021. These all apps are trending due to their new features. Many people still using those apps to create funny videos or to do more with their android.

Conclusion of 7 Best android apps

These are really the best android apps you must install. Because I have seen so many apps by searching on google, all new, most used, popular, free and trending android apps. These apps are still in the most used apps category.

You can use the Reface app to make your own next viral video or use wombo app to make the next MAYAHEE Viral video. Also if you have any apps suggestion then let me know down in the comments.

I also make videos on YouTube, so if you want any specific video which you want to watch then you can directly message me.

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