Friday, July 1, 2022

Buy iPhone X at the Price of iPhone XR

iPhone XR Price is Rs.59,999 which you can check on amazon. But these days you can buy iPhone X priced Rs.68,999 at Rs.59,999. There is very simple method behind this to buy iPhone X at price of iPhone XR. But before this let me tell you about difference between these two iPhone mobiles.
The biggest difference is dual camera of iPhone X which is not present in iPhone XR

Now if you will get this iPhone X at the price of iPhone XR then its probably a biggest deal. Buy iPhone x AT Rs.59,999.
Now time to tell the method.
iPhone X price is around Rs.68,999 and on its more than this. But iPhone X is selling on Flipkart for Rs.59,999. The 64GB version is for Rs.59,999 and 256GB Version is for Rs.74,499. This is the first time that iPhone X is so cheap.
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