How to get free udemy course with certificates

I know many of you wondered if you can get free udemy courses with certificates. Because a few times ago I also tried to find free udemy courses and I turned on the free filter for that. But then I realized that free udemy courses don’t come with certificates.


Then one day I found one course which is free and also offering certificate and then I found the way to find out all the free udemy courses with certificates in my niche. Because if I want to learn android app development then it’s good to find only free courses with certificates for android app development only.

Udemy is an American company that provides courses in any niche. With 40m students and 155k courses, the platform is very famous among instructors and students for courses. You can also make money from home by becoming an instructor.

Free udemy courses with certificates

This is guys very easy and you will find courses in any niche like app developments, web development, facebook & Google Ads, or any other you want.

free udemy courses

  1. You need to visit and search for any course
  2. Now you will find many courses but find that has a $0 price.

free udemy courses

3. Click over the course and click get a coupon.

free udemy coupons

4. Then you will be redirected to udemy website to enroll for free.


free udemy coupons5. Then just enroll start the course and you’ll get the certificate on completion.

You can see in the image that they also provide a free certificate with courses. These courses are not actually free they are paid. But we have just applied a coupon code to get it for free which you can see in the image.

Now you don’t have to apply the coupon code. It will be applied automatically. You just need to follow the 5 steps I provided here.

How to get all free courses

Now if you want to do any course with a free certificate. Then you can also find all udemy free courses in one place. You can check what course you want and enroll for free.

For this, you need to click over free courses in the menu tab and you will get all the courses with $0 price. Also, all courses provide certificates.  But remember you can get a certificate only when completes the course.

How to get udemy all free udemy courses


  1. Go to udemy official website
  2. Search for any course in your niche
  3. Click over filter
  4. Then click over price filter
  5. After that selct free and you will get all the free courses

But you will not get the certificate in these free courses. So to get free courses with certificate you need to use and you will get free certificates also.

How to get free courses from Disc udemy

Disc udemy is also other website which provides free udemy courses. This website like provides free udemy coupons and courses becomes free with 100% discount.

free udemy coupons

This is similar website, you just need to select the course, then Take courses ad tgen you will get the link to get the courses for free.

They will activate the coupon for you to get 100% discount over the course.

FAQ for free udemy courses

Q1. Are there free courses on udemy?

Yes, udemy provides free courses also but witout certificates. And to get free udemy courses with certificates you can use website like Disc udemy and Real discount. They provided ongoing free udemy courses who also provide certificates.

Q2. How can I get free courses?

You can use website like Real discount and disc udemy to get free courses from udemy with certificates of completion.

Q3. What free certifications can I get online?

There are many course website which provides free certificates. But i know about how to get free courses with certificates in udemy. You just need to use website like Disc udemy to get all the courses fore free ad can get certificate on completion.


I think Real discount and Disc udemy are great website t get free udemy courses. The thing is you don’t have to spend money. Also they will provide you free certificate.

But at the end i will tell that certificate doen’t matter and only knowledge matters. But these courses are not like not good. Because they are already paid and just gone for free for some time.

I will suggest to not use free courses from udemy website filters because many times they are made to promote there other courses and doesn’t provide good value.

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