Full guide- How to make E-commerce website in wordpress | make website like amazon.com

Few months ago i wondered to make any website like amazon or flipkart. Buy i don’t know how to make website like this. Then i get info about we can make website like in wordpress. For that we have to install woocommerce plugin. But now lot of problem comes like what theme to select, and how to link payment gateway, also i will tell how to add paytm and upi as payment gateway.

E-commerce site is best platform where you can sell products. You can sell your e-books or any digital product also like courses. The best part is it will not take extra money and you will get payment directly in bank account. If you want to sell courses, or products then you can use this method. An dyou can also convert your website to app to make more easy.

This will just code around $10 to create website like this.

How to make E-commerce website in wordpress

First of all you have to make a wordpress website. For that you have to register domain name and get a hosting. For more info read the post.

STEP 1- How to Buy domain from Godaddy at Huge discount [ 52% off ]

STEP 2- STEP BY STEP- How to make your own wordpress website for blogging

STEP 3- Now you have setup your wordpress website. You have to follow the following simple steps to make a e-commerce website, with payment from debit cards, upi, paytm and net banking.

This image is reference image for whole guide

      1. Click Plugin on the left menu and the click Add new and then search woocommerce and install woocommerce plugin .
      2. Now install paytm woocommerce plugin.
      3. Now also install Yet another star rating plugin.
      4. Now install checkout field editor for woocommerce if you want to edit the fields shown at checkout.
      5. Now install custom product addons, if you want to add some extra fields for customer while order.
      6. Now you just need to activate all the plugins.
      7. After activating Click on product on left menu.

STEP 4- Add products.

Now you have to create and add products in your website. The products which you want to sell. You will need a title, description, product image, product price also. All this you need to setup when create product.

Go to products then add new and follow this,

        • Type title
        • Long description
        • Set price
        • If product can be downloaded then select downloadable to upload the file
        • If your product price changes then select variable from simple tabs

STEP 5- Now go to woocommerce and click settings. Here you change all the details. AND then click on payments

STEP 6- Setup payment gateway

      • You will see paytm, click on the manage.
      • Now you have to provide some details.
      • You need to create paytm merchant account and get the details. Click here to setup account
      • After getting credentials just put them in paytm tab in paytm tab.

STEP 7- Checkout field editor can be used if you want to edit field. Just go to woocommerce and click on checkout forms and remove all the fields not required. Then you can also change name.

STEP 8- The YASR plugin we installed will show in woocommerce products so that rate your your product

STEP 9- Now in woocommerce then order you will get all the order details customer have placed. You just need to complete the orders. And update regularly to customer.

STEP 10- Your site is now ready. Now you can add products and sell them to your customers. This will just cost hosting and domain cost.

Now, if you want to add something more. Like if you want to add clothes, then you must need to put fields like select color, size, brand and type. Then you can read some other guides.

You can do anything with this type of site. Just read other guides on google. Then sell products. But if you want to just sell downloadable products then this is everything you need to know.

If you have any comments then please tell us. This is the best way to create your own website like amazon or flipkart. The process is simple and now you just need to do this.

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