How to convert website into app for FREE

Few days ago i searched on internet for converting my website into an app. But everyone asking for money. I felt like i can’t convert my app. Because the price are very high. So i searched for free tool. I found one but that is not working. Then i lost the hope of converting my website into an app.
Suddenly i came across a platform where you can make android apps without coding knowledge. Which is also free. You just nee to have some coding knowledge. But don’t worry i will cover all this here.

Convert any website into app for free in 10 minutes

Now follow my all steps and this will only take 10 minutes to convert website into app.


  1. First of all you have to go kodular
  2. Now click over create apps
  3. Make your account and then login
  4. Then click over create app and  then click on create project
  5. Now give name of your app and click next
  6. Then just click next and next


  1. Now you are on screen 1
  2. Just from the left side click on layout and then views
  3. After that just drag and drop web viewer on phone screen
  4. Now on right hand side you can see home url (put your website link here)
  5. Now on right top you can see Blocks button, just click on it

Your app is almost ready but needs one steps

  1. Click on screen 1 and choose first block (Screen1 dot back pressed)
  2. Now drag this block to right side
  3. Now click on control and choose if then condition block
  4. Now click on web viewer one block
  5. Now choose below block

6. Now click on web viewer one again and choose then go back block and put like shown in image

7. Now your app is readu just click on Designer button in top right
8.Now click over export and export to computer and install


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