How to Install iOS Zip on Android


Hello guys, if you want to install iOS Zip on your android mobile, which changes android into iOS then here a tutorial on How to do that. If you want to know What will happen after installing iOS Zip file on android and How our android will start to look like, what we can do with that, then you should watch my youtube video first. Where i have talked about how to install iOS Zip file on android, and what gonna it do.

Now- How to Install iOS ZIPon android ?

To install any ROM, Here we are installing iOS ROM (zip). Then you have to ROOT your phone and install TWRP Recovery and in some cases you don’t have to root your mobile, just install TWRP Recovery.
Now first TWRP Recovery on your mobile. To install TWRP recovery on your mobile. You have to go to Youtube and search for  How to install TWRP Recovery on “Your DEVICE NAME” like in my case i’m installing TWRP Recovery on Micromax 311, so i search on Youtube, HOW to install TWRP recovery on Micromax 311. By this i got to know i have to root my device and have to install TWRP recovery.
In my case see what i have searched
The task of installing TWRP recovery have to done by you. Just find How to Install TWRP recovery on your device name. Now after installing TWRP recover you have to find the iOS Zip file for your device. To do that just read below

How to find iOS Zip file?

Listen carefully that every device have different iOS Zip file. So if you will install another device zip file then your mobile will damage. So install your own iOS Zip file. Now the task of finding iOS Zip file is very easy but depends upon device, if its popular then you will find it, and sometimes difficult to find and if not able to find then no iOS Zip file for your device made.
Now to find iOS Zip file, you have to first search on Google “Your DEVICE NAME” iOS Zip file install. If you will find any result related to that then iOS Zip file is made for your mobile, if not then their is no iOS Zip file for your android. After that if made then download and install.
In my case see what i have searched
After that you can see my video given at top to what to do. Thanks and also rate my article.



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