How to Install TWRP Recovery in Redmi Note 5 Pro

Guys if you want to install any custom rom in your device then you must have install TWRP Recovery in your phone. In case you are using redmi note 5 pro then this is the guide. But if you are using any other phone then you will still guided in this post. You just need to follow some other steps so don’t worry about that, i will cover all this here.
So first of all if you want to install TWRP then you must have unlocked boot loader. If you don’t know what is that and how to unlock boot loader then

How to Install TWRP in redmi note 5 pro

So to install TWRP you need some files which are give at the end of this page. Just click over the Nice download button there. The files will look like as give below.
install twrp in redmi note 5 pro

  1. ADB Setup- You need to install adb setup in your PC. Just click over the setup and enter Y every time for YES. If you not getting then watch the video./li>
  2. After that you will also find the Platform files folder and TWRP Image (Only for redmi note 5 pro)
  3. If you have any other device then please download TWRP Image from here  and if you have Xiaomi devices the download from here
  4. Now copy the downloaded image file (TWRP) in platform folder and Phone internal storage.
  5. Now Switch of your redmi phone and press volume down and power button simultaneously to go to fastboot mode.fastboot for redmi note 5 pro
  6. You will see the image like this on your phone.
  7. Now connect your phone to pc and open platform folder.
  8. Now you have to click on the address bar. The image showing where you have to click.
  9. After that write cmd and tap enter. Now cmd prompt window will open.
  10. Now type fastboot devices and hit enter
  11. If you will see some device info then good your device is connected successfully. But if there is not device info then you have to install android drivers. The guide will be given below.
  12. Now type fastboot boot TWRP-20190330- and tap enter. Write this command if the twrp image file name is TWRP-20190330- other than change the name.
  13. Now you will see recovery is installed and phone will bootup automatically in recovery.
  14. In recovery click over install and tap install image and select the TWRP file we copied earlier and install.
  15. Now just reboot and the recovery is installed successfully.


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How to unlock boot loader and install android drivers (ADB DRIVERS)

To unlock boot loader you have to watch this video
Important- Install magisk file also using twrp otherwise it will remove.

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