How to make android app without coding

Many people want to make their android app. But they don’t have any coding knowledge. And giving money on developers is also very costly. So here i’m gonna show you the simple way to make android app without any coding knowledge. Also we are not going to use any website that make apps for your bu just asking your interest. Because if we want to make our own app with own idea then we need something else.
Kodular is the best place to make android app. Because there you can make android app of your own choice and you don’t have to write codes for making app. The website gives simple way to make android app and really amazing.


Open kodular and click on create apps. Make account and then you will be asked to create a project. Project means your app that your are going to make on their web.
So after that the website will open the project and you will see lot of tools on left and a phone middle and some data thing at right and at top options to export the app and your account.


Now we are going to take the example that we are going to make an that adds two digits like an calculator.
In the left you will see lot of tools that are used to make an android app. Like button which is at the top, now we know in every app there is button. So you can also put a button in app and can do anything with that button. Lets see how to do this and make app here.

  1. Take text box (text_box1) from left pallete and put it on mobile screen shown in middle.
  2. Take another text box (text_box2) from left pallete and put it on mobile screen at below of previous box.

text box is a tool that collects data from user. Like if user want to add any two digit then user have to enter here.

  1. Now take lable (lable1) from left side pallete and put it in between of two boxes. Now in lable you can write anything, so just write plus sign so that user can understand that this app plus two number and gives the result
  2. Now take another lable (lable2) and put it below of text_box2, here we will show the result that will come after addiction.

At last take a button and name it Add. This will allow user to get result on press.
This is the basic requirements of app. Now you can design the app in own way. Like centre the boxes and change the background color or change the button colour and change the text box colours.
Now right top you will see Designer and blocks button. Click on blocks button and here you have to write the code but don’t worry it in blocks coding so you don;’t have to worry. 
You will see all the tools codes in left side which you used in app. Take when button press, now take text_box1 and text_box2. Now go to maths and take addition sign. Now club these boxes in addition box. Now just show result in lable2 and export the app and use it. This is how you can amke app.
I used kodular because here by adding extension you can do many things.

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