How to make your own music app like Spotify or Jio-Saavn

Guys some times ago i also want to make music app like spotify or jio-saavn. But i don’t know anything about coding. Then i came to know about platform where we can make apps. But music app of this kind cannot be made. Then i used webapps where i made music app system on my website, but that also not works for me. After that i found something that really helped to make android app like spotify.
There is an online platform called codecanyon, where you can buy scripts. Now the script is the main part of this project. This script is like the source code which helps you to build app. Now there are lot of scripts. So i found $22 script which is actually very amazing. You can download the script from here also.

How to make music app like spotify

Now you just need to download the script and then you need to download the android studio. From where you have to edit the script.
This is the app that i made from script Install
Now you just need to follow the steps which actually a guide to make android app using the source code.

  1.  Install android studio
  2. Then open the studio and create the project
  3. Now just unzip the file you downloaded from codecanyon
  4. You will also find the guide there
  5. Select open project and select the file you downloaded
  6. Your project quill open in android studio
  7. Now you just need to change some basic features of apps,
    1. App name
    2. App package name
    3. App icon
    4. App splash screen
    5. App url
  8. You also need make website and install php script, as you can modify app online from your site.
  9. You can also upload mp3 without updating app
  10. This is the best script i have used.

All you have to follow the guide. This is really very good script to make android app like spotify. Where you can upload mp3 song (take copyright before uploading mp3) and can share it to wolrd.

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