How to transfer Whatsapp Messages from android to iPhone in 2020

How to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone easily, because lot of people actually don’t how to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone. This is very easy, if you don’t want to make backup that consumes lot of data or if the backups is of large data then don’t worry, because here i will show you how to transfer whatsapp messages from android to ios without internet and without making backup on google drive.
Whatsapp is really amazing android app and gets lots of messages daily. Many people uses this to send messages or chat. Whatsapp get amazing success in all over world due to its simple and easy ui. But sometimes when we buy new android or iphone then moving whatsapp data from one device to another becomes really difficult. Here i will tell how to do this simply

How to Transfer whatsapp messages from Android to iPhone

You can use Mobiletrans ( ) to  transfer whatsapp between iPhone and Android, Android and Android,
backup&restore whatsapp chats to a new iPhone/Android.


This is really very helpful tools. Now i will show you the steps to perform for using this tool.
STEP 1 Open mobitrans and select whatsapp transfer
STEP 2 Then select whatsapp backup
STEP 3 Then connect source phone from where whatsapp is to be transferred
STEP 4 Then come back and select restore
You will see the backup made by you and you can use that becakup to restore, just remember while making backup connect the phone from where you want to get whatsapp messages, and while restore connect other phone on which you want backup. This is the very easy way to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone.
In this process you don’t need internet and you can transfer your all whatsapp messages, images, documents and videos. The whatsapp transfer option in mobitans by wondershare is really amazing and i think its best so you should use this tool.

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