How to Whatsapp status video download without App and website

Whatsapp status video download is very simple because you don’t have to download any app. Usually we see there are lot of apps on playstore which downloads whatsapp staus videos and images. But you don’t have to download any app or use any website to download whatsapp status videos. It is very simple to get those status videos.
Whatsapp as we know is very large network. People uses whatsapp daily and whatsapp said they processes of billions of messages each. Before whatsapp the way people communicate with each other on internet is just facebook and other apps. But using whatsapp its like sending messages from our phone in a very simple way.
Whatsapp also have lot of downloads on internet and after launching it gained so much popularity because of its simple look. People uses whatsapp daily and i think few people uses whatsapp because its really amaizng. After successful of whatsapp, they also launched whatsapp business, which is whatsapp for businesses. Like to receive messages some businesses uses whatsapp
But here i will tell you how to download whatsapp status. Whatsapp status video download is very simple. Many people uses apps and website to download whatsapp status videos and images. But the method i will tell you will give you whatsapp sttaus videos and images of many days back and also today.

How to Whatsapp status video download using file manager

Guys all apps that can download whatsapp status videos uses this method. If you don’t know its all in statuses folder. If you will open file manager then you can get the statuses.
Every image or video which is send or received in file manager. If you will open file manager, then at bottom (if alphabetical) you will see the whatsapp folder. Inside that folder there is media folder, which contains whatsapp images folder and all other folder. So every file you send and receive is also saved in your file manager.
The same thing also happens with statuses also. And these apps just move those pictures and status videos from whatsapp folder to other folder, so can see them easily. But if you know that how these apps do this. So you don’t have to install an app for whatsapp status video download in your android phone. You just need to follow some simple steps to get statuses.

  • Open file manager and find Whatsapp folder
  • Open media folder after this
  • The statuses folder is here but not visible

Now you will not see the statuses folder because its hidden and this is done by whatsapp. Now you need to know how to open that folder and this will depend on device you are using. You just need to search, How to open hidden folder in file manager if you phone name
After that you will find the solution for your phone.
We will take Redmi note 5 as my phone and this is applied on all Redmi phones. Now you just need to follow my steps to open Hidden folder in your phone because, whatsapp statuses folder is hidden in all android phones and thats why you not see statuses in file manager.

whatsapp status video download
Whatsapp status video doenload

  1. Open file manager and go to whatsapp folder
  2. Open whatsapp folder and then media folder
  3. In media folder you have to look for settings
  4. You will see menu icon at left side
  5. Open settings and find hidden files
  6. Turn on hidden files and you will see the statuses folder
  7. Inside this folder you will get all the statuses of today and some days early
  8. You can move these statuses to other folder
  9. You can also post these statuses as your status in whatsapp
  10. There are lot of folders of whatsapp which you can see containing info.

Now if you want to search how to whatspp status video download using file manager. Whatsapp really has amazing features which most people don’t know.


This is also amazing that whatsapp is also coming with other features. But i think now you don’t have to download apps for downloading whatsapp status videos. You can also find images in that and now your data also saves.


  • You don’t have to download apps
  • Your data to download images and videos saves
  • You can do this anytime if find no app
  • This is better

So guys i think for whatsapp status video download in a easy method. This is good and every people should use this method. This is also the best alternative for whatsapp status video downloader app. And also you don’t to find whatsapp status video download hd, because all the statuses that you will are in hd quality. So this also saves your lot of time.
So i think you also have the idea to why to use this method. This is really time saving.

Does this method harm my device

This method don’t do harm to your device. Because the same thing those apps do to show statuses in app, we are doing this manually. If you will find how these whatsapp staus video downloader app downloads status, then you will find the same method. So this will not harm your phone and you can use this method easily.
Also after turning on hidden files you may see lot of other folders in your file manager which you may not have seen earlier. All these folders are hidden in android phones with just dot at the beginning of folder. You have to hide all the folders again in same way you turned on hidden files. So you should use this method to whatsapp status video download using file manager only.
If you have any questions regarding this method then you can comment down below. You just need to make sure that this method will work in all android mobiles. If you have any problem in finding anything then you can tell me.
Make sure your whatsapp is updated and you are not using any other whatsapp which is not downloaded from playstore for android.

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