Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P Review After 6 Months

I have purchased mi mop robot vacuum cleaner 6 months ago, in Jan 2022. And here I will give you the review of mi robot vacuum after 6 months of usage and will also share my experiences, problems, and solutions.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P Review
Credits: Weekend tricks

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is a robotic vacuum cleaner that vacuums and mop your house. The robot is truly speaking is very intelligent and does its job very well. It comes with so many sensors that help it to do the job.

Mi Robot Vacuum Specifications

1. Battery Capacity- 3200mAh

It comes with a 3200mAh battery that lasts from 60-120 minutes depending on what features you are using, like a vacuum in turbo mode consumes huge power than a vacuum in silent mode.

Or only mopping consumes less battery than vacuuming. So it runs for 60 – 120 minutes but the average is 1.5 hours on Turbo vacuum with moping also.

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2. Wi-Fi- 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n

It supports Wifi 2.4GHz, so you have to connect it with the 2.4Ghz wifi band only. When I bought it I almost wasted 1 hour connecting with the 5Ghz Wifi band. So keep 2.4 GHz in mind.

3. Weight- 3.6kg

It’s really very heavy, I mean 3.6kgs is not heavy but it’s heaviest when compared with robotic vacuum cleaners. Sometimes i feel it like 5kgs.

4. Rated Power- 33W

It consumes 33W Power while charging and takes around 4 hours to completely charge.

5. Working Noise- ≤70dB (Standard mode)

The noise is not much and if you will use this in a Medium vacuum mod then you will not notice so much noise. I feel a little loud noise in the Turbo mod with 2100pa suction power. But it is great to have so high suction power.

Also if the filter gets dirty then it also produces very steep noises.


  1. Cleaning history

You can see your vacuum cleaning history, like where it went to clean, what it cleaned and how much time it took, what areas it covered, etc.

2. Schedule cleanup

You can schedule the cleanup and I really like this feature and use it a lot. I mean you can set the vacuum to run automatically when you wanted it to. Like before waking up do the vacuuming, or after going to office start the vacuum & mop, etc.

I mean what I do is I set it to clean the house before I wake up. This way my house cleans up automatically and after that, I attach the mop and set it to mopping only.

3. Vacuum along the Edges

So it is a very good feature that you can only clean the edges of your entire house or only a few rooms etc. But the way I use it is to make an instant map of my house.

I mean if you will buy this device or you have already bought it and wanted to make a map of your house. Then just turn on the vacuum along the edges and it will only go through the edges and after completion, it will make the map.

4. Secondary cleanup

So if you think that you need two times clean up then you just turn on this option and it will clean your house two times.

But remember that feature 3 and 4 need to be turned on every time you uses the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

5. Mop mode

It has two mopping modes called

  1. S- Mode
  2. Y- Mode

In S mode it saves a lot of battery but mopping is below average. But in Y mode it consumes a huge battery but then mopping becomes average. And if you want above average then you need to clean up the mop in every room.

But I recommend using Y mode because S mode is really not worth using until and unless your house is already clean.

6. Do Not Disturb

So in this time robot does not start in schedule mode, and it becomes silent.

7. Virtual wall

You can create restricted areas and virtual walls in your house so that the robot avoids those places, like the bathroom, store room, or any other restricted areas.

This is helpful if your robot can easily go into those areas, so you should restrict them so that they never enter in any condition.

8. Area Editor

You can also edit the area, like merging rooms, dividing rooms, or renaming them only.

9. Manual controls

You can also control the robot from your mobile phone. But I haven’t used it because I didn’t find any chance to use it.

10. Automation

You can set automation also like robot goes to dock if cleanup is ended and you don’t want it to go then you can run automation. But I never used it.

Cons with Mi mop robot vacuum cleaner

  1. Height issue– It doesn’t climb heightened floors above 2-3 cms. It just gets stuck.
  2. Carpet issue– It doesn’t work with carpet in case of mopping, I mean it gets stuck in the carpet so you either have to remove the carpet, or restrict the area.
  3. Mopping issue– Mopping is very average, so you cannot expect human results.
  4. Battery issue– Battery capacity is very low and runs for 1.5 hours only.
  5. Beta issue– I do feel some glitches in the robot because sometimes it doesn’t work properly and moves randomly. But very rare, and you have to reset the device to make it work again.

Where you should buy it? My review

I recommend buying from amazon because I have bought it from mi.com and I felt something is wrong with my robot vacuum when I put a complaint, mi sent service center people to me for free of cost.

I had a problem with the robot doing random movements and not working properly, when they came to my house they asked me to not use turbo mode and Y-mode.

This is the worst thing I have heard if it should not be used then why you have made it this way? but the service person have no knowledge, so i reset it and using in this mode and i gets this problem once in a month

That’s why you should buy from amazon because if any problem comes then you can replace it in 10 days replacement policy.

Conclusions of Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P Review

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is I think not best but not worst also. It is an average product which you can consider if your budget is around 20,000 rupees only. Because its price becomes Rs20,000 every month for some days.

But if you can raise your budget then you should go for good companies robot vacuum cleaners like roborock, deebot etc. Also you should buy a moving mop robot vacuum cleaner because their mop is above average or might be good.

But still, in Rs20,000 it provides LiDar sensor which I didn’t find in other robots except for realme. But realme has not had enough reviews so you can consider that also. Concluding you can buy if the budget is low but go for other robots if can raise the budget.

If you have any questions about this robot then do let me know in the comments, I have also posted one Youtube video explaining its features. Click to watch the video now.

Credits: Weekend tricks YouTube

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