Stop Motion Studio

    Stop Motion Studio

    Stop Motion Studio is a powerful, full-featured movie editor with a whole host of features:
    • A simplistic, easy-to-use interface
    • Overlay mode showing the differences between frames
    • Grid mode to position animated objects more easily
    • Copy, paste, cut, and insert frames at any position
    • Movie editor with frame-by-frame preview
    • Timeline so you never get lost, even if you have hundreds of frames

    Create beautiful movies:
    • Choose from a whole lot of unique titles, credits, and text cards or create your very own with the built-in editor
    • Give your movie the perfect look with different video filters
    • Enhance your movie with different foregrounds, backgrounds, aspect ratios, and fade effects
    • Create a soundtrack using built-in music, and sound effects, songs from your music library, and your own narration
    • Rotoscoping: Import video clips and create stunning animations by painting over it.
    • Green Screen: Change the background of your scene to make the figures you capture fly or appear anywhere you can imagine.
    • Connect a keyboard and use simple shortcuts to edit movies quickly

    Size: 92MB
    Published: August 31, 2019
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