STEP BY STEP- How to make your own wordpress website for blogging

If you want to make website for just blogging, then i think wordpress is the most reliable platform. Also for only wordpress websites, you don’t have to spend too much on hosting. The main question is people don’t know what to do to make a website and write their own posts.
Wordpress is most reliable platform because there you gets the option to change the theme of website, so if you have blog related to News, health, technology, science, education or any other. Then you can choose the theme which fits the purpose. Like for News website you only need theme which looks good in news websites.
Also in wordpress you can choose number of plugins to make your life better. Like you don’t have to edit websites codes to do anything in site which is true in most cases. Like if you want to put google analytics code, then you don’t have to edit websites codes. Just install the plugin and it will do this for you. I will discuss all this later in post below.
Now coming to hosting, If you want to open only wordpress site. Then you don’t have to spend too much because there is a hosting which is at less price and only for wordpress websites. I will discuss all this like where to buy hosting and what to do below.

WordPress website only for blogging

1. Buy a domain name

First of all you have to get a domain name. You can choose any other website but if you choose godaddy then you can click below to register a new domain. I suggest buying a dot com domain. Because its the most used one.
Godaddy domain register button here
You have to choose a domain name, but don’t choose any random name. Choose a domain name that like you website category. If you want to open a news website then buy like and if its health website then buy like
Its all matters for SEO

2. Get a web hosting

Now i think you know what is web hosting and why we need to buy this. Web hosting is a like a computer or storage box which is connected to internet 24 hours and which stores your data and when anybody request the data then that computer shows this to them. So to store website data you have to get a hosting.
You can buy hosting from godaddy. Managed wordpress hosting is only made for wordpress websites. Choose with basic package and then if needed in future you can upgrade.
Managed wordpress websites Godaddy hosting
I think the package upgrade only needs when you have lot of visitors in websites. So at the start you need simple package.
After buying both of these packages you have to go to your godaddy account. And go to hosting here. Then choose managed wordpress website hosting there and then you will see the option to connect the domain or install wordpress.
Click the connect domain and select the domain you just bought. After that you will get the admin details of wordpress websites. Then just go to url and login to your wordpress website.

How to Setup website?

  1. Theme- Click on the appearance and select theme. Now click add new and install any theme which you like. For blogging websites i recommend write news and install news website theme. You can install any theme but in news themes you gets lot of options to show your blogs good.
  2. Customize- Click on the appearance and select customize. Now you have to write your website name, upload website logo and edit header and footer text. Just do everything you know and can do and leave other parts.
  3. Menus- Click on the appearance and select menus. You need to create a menu which always shows at the top of all websites. This time you just need to create a menu only and don’t to anything because you have create pages to add in menu.
  4. Pages- You need to make some pages in websites which are strongly needed
  • Privacy policy- Make a page and give it name privacy policy and write about privacy policy of your website.
  • Terms and conditions- Make another page and give it a name terms and conditions. Write all conditions and terms of your website there. If your website allows users to register then write about why you want people info and is that secured.
  • Contact- Go to plugins and add a new plugin. Search for contact form and install that plugin. Then open plugin and you have to create a contact form. After creating contact form you get a shortcode. Now make a page and give it name contact us and just paste that shortcode and update. You will get a contact us page in website.
  • About- Make a page and give it a name about me. Then write about yourself there.

Now go to menus and choose all these pages and put it in menus. Also you will see the direct link option. Copy you website link and name it home. So that user can go to home of website when he needed.
Now you completed all the basic steps. Now you just need to install some plugins.

  1. Classic editor- If you want the classic editor which is old editor to write posts on website then you can install this plugin
  2. Akismet antispam- You need to install this plugin because it keeps website safe from spams and hits.
  3. Onesignal- You should install this plugin because as you will grow you fans want to see more of your blogs so you can send them notifications using this plugin.
  4. Yoast seo- This plugin will tell you about how whatever you writing on website, is that in a good way which is needed for SEO. Because if you will not optimize website content then user will not reach to posts.
  5. Contact form- You need to install this so that users can contact to you anytime.

How to write blogs?

Now just click on posts and add new.
Now At the top you have to write heading. In the sidebar yoast seo will tell you about your reading which is good or not. Also put category and tags which are shown in sidebar and at bottom of sidebar put post thumbnail which is needed and don’t forget to write about photos in the alt text in photos you uploading in website.

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