How to transfer whatsapp from iphone to android in one click 2020

Transfer whatsapp from iphone to android


Guys Transfer whatsapp from iphone to android in one click. Now you dont have to loose all your old messages while moving to ios or android. Sometimes we buy new phone and while moving we not able to backup whatsapp data. But now its very east and without internet.

I have seen lot of guys dont know how to Transfer whatsapp from iphone to android. Because the do install whatsapp on new phone and do nothing and leave it. They like want to get those messages but don’t know how so they not care. But here is a very easy way to transfer all your whatsapp messages in one click.

Transfer whatsapp from iphone to android

You can use Mobiletrans ( ) to  transfer whatsapp between iPhone and Android, Android and Android,
backup&restore whatsapp chats to a new iPhone/Android.
Now after downloading mobitrans, you have to install it on PC. After that just open mobitrans and,
1. Click on transfer whatsapp messages
2. Connect source phone first from where you want to transfer whatsapp data
3. Then connect destination phone
note- In android you have to turn on USB Debugging, and do not login on whatsapp in destination phone.
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4. After connecting both phones you have proceed
5. Then mobitrans will do all itself, you just need to wait
6. In this process mobitrans will ask you some settings to do.
7. Also you need to login on whatsapp in destination phone when asked you.
8. After that the phone will restart and you will see whatsapp messages.
You can disconnect both phones and can do other search. All your whatsapp messages, photos, voice message, images will come.
This process is same for all whatsapp messages transfer from android to iphone, or iphone to android, or also ios to ios or android to ios or ios to android. Also guys if you have any other query you can also tell me in comments.



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