How to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once for free

Many people asked me for How can they unfollow everybody on instagram at once for free. There are many tools which can unfollow at once but all are paid. But if you are looking for a free tool then don’t worry. If you want to unfollow all people at once, or only want to unfollow who are not following you, or only want to unfollow the ghost followers who are not active, then you can do this all in ONE CLICK for FREE

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once for free

Its very simple you just need to download followers assistant app from google play. Using this app you will lot of options. But we need to unfollow all people in one click on instagram. For that you first have to open the app

After that you have to login into app using your instagram username and password. Don’t worry it is safe and secure. After that you will get the homescreen.
After that click on Home icon

After that click on All your following

Select how many people you want to unfollow

After that the app will unfollow the people.

This way you can unfollow all people at once. This is really an amzing app to unfollow all people on instagram in one click.It also provide options for unfollow ghost followers and people who are not following you.

How to unfollow ghost follow in one click

Ghost followers are those folowers who are following you but even likes your pics and videos. These followers are of no mean. They are just inactive or high attitude poeple. You can check them by click on Ghost followers (see third picture) and you will get your last 5 images uploaded on instagram. Click on anyone and see ghost followers in your account. The people who will appear means they are following you but not likes your pic.
You can unfollow people by checking all five images and see who appears in all. You can unfollow those ghost followers, because if they don’t like your pics they why to show them.

How to check who Not follows me on instagram but i follow them

Open the app and click on the check list

After that you will find the followers who Not follows you but you follows them.

You can check its written in image WHO DOESN’T FOLLOW 3006 people.

How to check who unfollowed me on instagram

Now this is also simple. You just need to click on the swipe button and you will find the people who unfollowed you on instagram. At the top you can see Who stopped follow and you will get the people daily. So use this app and become instagram master in few minutes.

How to check Mutual followers on instagram

Mutual followers means people you follows and they also follow back. Means you are following each other. You can check them by mutual followers. This is also the great way to check mutual followers.

So guys this is the way using which you can unfolow all people on instagram at once, or can say unfollow all poeple in one click. Also you can check ghost followers. And you can check people who not follows you but you follow them. And also people who unfollowed you, and mutual followers. This is like the amazing tool for free because apps like this costs lot of dollars.
Followers assistant is really ana amazing app and you can download it from here
[ appbox googleplay org.benjaminbauer.follistant ]
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