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Web2Apk builder is an amazing app that lets you convert website into an app, its also insert admob banner and interstitial ads into an apps, with onesignal id so that you can send push notifications to your customers. So i think its the best app to convert website into an app and earn money with that. You can also add floating action button called FAB for app info, social profiles and much more

Web2Apk Builder


What’s New

  • Convert website to android app
  • Add Social profiles with FAB
  • Add Onesignal push notifications


Package Name : You can have your own package name for your app.
Just enter your customized android package name whenever you build the android app.

Admob Ads : You can now earn money by Ads too.
You can earn money by providing your admob banner and interstitial ads.

Version Name : You can have version control for your app.
You can add your own version name whenever you upgrade the android app.

Splash screen and Theme: All under your control.
We provide an option to add your own splash screen background with colourful theme.

Notifications: Send notifications to your customers freely.
We have embedded the OneSignal notification system into our app builder so that you can send as many notifications as you like to contact your customers through your app.

Google Analytics: You can know more about your customers.
We embedded Google Analytics service for you to track your customers with different metrics.

Social Links: A must have feature for sure.
We know social connections are very important for increasing the value of your products and traffic, so you can have an option to add your social website links inside your app to reach more customers.

About Us section: Let your customers know more about you.
A separated section we added to the system for You can introduce your company or yourself in details via this section.

Customized Network Error: Let your users know what is going wrong.
If they is any network error during the app usage then your predefined customized error messages will be displayed in your app.

Share button: Sharing is ready for your users.
Share option enables your app to share to other persons through your app.

Disable Refresh Button: 
This option mostly used for the game website owners who convert their websites into an android app.
* Noted that You can’t refresh the page when you enable this feature.

Free Credit is given to Try our Web2ApkBuilder: 

The best way to make a decision to buy something is always To Try it Before Buying ! 🙂 
So we will give one free APK credit to those new users for a one time trial.

Size: 3.2MB


Version: 1.0.11

Published on: 01/06/2019

Published by: Web2Apk Builder


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Banit kumar

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