What’s new- MIUI 12 update beta 20.4.30 full review

As we know the new MIUI 12 update has given new features in miui. Yesterday i installed it on my Redmi note 5 pro and its amazing. The UI is changed so much as i think everybody talking about its Control centre and notification panel similar to iOS. As we know in iPhone if you want to see notifications then you have to swipe down from left and if you want to access controls then you have to swipe down from right.

In android this is not the case, you swipe down from top to bottom and you gets both notification and control centre together. But for first time Xiaomi changed this in MIUI 12. That is similar to iOS. The control centre design is also like iOS. Also in Beta version they is some lags but its little smooth. But the thing is its amazing.

What is new in MIUI 12 Update

1. Control centre and notification panel is redesigned

The control centre and Notification panel is changed now and similar to iOS. Also the animation and way all the icons appear in control centre is similar to iOS. In miui 12 update this is the major update that catching attentions.

The only thing is to clear notifications, you get the button in bottom centre which is same as in miui 10.

2. Lockscreen and Live wallpaper

In miui 12 update you also getting new lockscreen style and live wallpaper. The live wallpaper is amazing because its showing a planet on lockscreen and as you unlock its like go into the planet surface and the shows icon. This effects is really amazing. Also the lockscreen design is changed as shown in image below

3. File manager

The file manager is also changed. This time its is nicely categorized. You gets new tap for all categories

  • Recents
  • Docs
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Music
  • More (it includes all items listed below)
    • Downloads
    • Bluetooth
    • Archives
    • Apks
    • Screenshots
    • Camera
    • Music

This new tabs systems is everywhere. You will see it in themes app, messages, gallery, notes, Music app.

4. Most Apps UI changes

Mostly all apps have new. They have new tabs system and new user interface. The app like security, gallery, themes, file manager, clock, weather and messages have new ui. This is also looking amazing this time because design is good. 

All apps screenshot is given below.

5. Animations

Redmi this added new animations for everything. Like when you unintsall the app, go to home, open notes, do calls, send messages, unlock phone, weather animation and icon move.

This time its all new and looks good because its smooth and making user interface much better. The very popular animation is when you unlocks the phone then it goes from planet far view to plant surface view. Its like you landed on that planet to access the main home screen. I also like all these animations because its what not anybody else did and xiaomi did for first time.

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