WhatsApp new features in WhatsApp Beta Updates

WhatsApp is widely used messenger right now. As we all know whatsapp is now from Facebook, so whatsapp has major changes in new updates. As a beta tester we check those updates and now im sharing those updates with you. You will also get these updates later. These are only available for beta tester. What if you want to apply for beta tester then.

How to apply for WhatsApp Beta tester?

Beta WhatsApp Apply page

New feature in latest WhatsApp Beta 2.19.332

  1. Whatsapp from FACEBOOK

After changing facebook to FACEBOOK. You can also see in WhatsApp. Check the images below.


2. Share status on facebook

Now you can directly share your whatsapp status on facebook from whatsapp app.

3. New camera icon

The camera icon used in status is updated, now you can see new camera icon in whatsapp


The new whatsapp from facebook is also given at the bottom of splash screen. You will like all these updates.

5. WhatsApp Dark Mode

The new whatsapp dark mode is coming. This feature is not came yet and is still under testing but also not rolled out to beta testers. The new whatsapp dark is looking like this.
This will be amazing because, We are suing the same theme of whatsapp and now bored. we want change and dark theme can do this. Whatsapp should roll out themes for their apps like of all color.
The whatsapp dark mode is really amazing and coming soon but it may take lot of time because the rumors are from many time and still we haven’t got this update even in beta also.

whatsapp beta 2.19.333 download

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