Best iOS theme for Redmi Note 7 & POCO F1

Apple iOS is the most amazing iOS that i have ever scene and everybody like this. Today apple iPhone are at the top and most sold even of higher cost because of their simple design and premium look, simple iOS and new features. The iOS OPERATING SYSTEM is most simple and good looking OPERATING SYSTEM compared to other OPERATING SYSTEM.
Today apple lovers like most about apple is their simple design. So due to this people uses to set apples wallpaper, ringtones and callerscreen in their android mobiles. But after the concept of theme, everything like changed. Theme is best thing to change your whole mobile user interface. And setting any apple theme on android mobiles, MAKES mobile like apple phone. So theme is amazing to install in mobiles.
Now coming to themes Xiaomi provides great simple feature to set themes in their mobiles. Themes can downloaded through redmi theme store, and you can only install that themes. Using any third party theme is not allowed in redmi phones after MIUI version of MI. So its a again not good thing that redmi has did. But still here i have an amazing theme to install which changes whole UI to ios ui.

Best iOS theme for Redmi Phones

You can see some screenshot of theme that are i have given below. The theme really makes you phone like apple iOS with simple design. Also i have did some extra setting to make this UI like this which you can see below.

STEP 1. Download and install the theme from here (only for redmi)
STEP 2. Now apply the them and come to HOME, Now long press home screen.
STEP 3. Click on settings and then more.
STEP 4. Click on icon pack and select this icon pack
STEP 5. Click on Customized layout after coming back from icon selection.
STEP 6. Select 5 and L in customized layout page.

These are the things that are required to make any redmi phone look like iOS. Thanks and share this post.

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