10 Best HIDDEN Instagram Tips, Tricks & Features of 2021

Instagram is very popular and almost everybody uses this app daily. But i bet you don’t about some cool instagram tips, tricks and features that i have discovered. These tricks will chnage your way to use instagram.

10 best hidden Instagram tricks

People are getting smarter and everybody must know these tricks to save time and do things correctly. I have selected top 10 best hidden instagram tricks that nobody knows. These are some best and unknown tricks.

Now we will begin with Top 10 Hidden instagram tips, tricks and features that will blow your mind right away.

1. Instagram reels video download

I think you don’t know but you can download instagram reel videos without any app or website. This trick will able to you to download any reel video in even one second. All you need to do is,

 Instagram reels video download
  • Click on the share arrow on reel videos
  • Click on share onto your story
  • Now just click over the download button above

And it will be downloaded to your gallery. But it will only download first 15 seconds of video. So if you have less than 15 seconds videos then it is very useful.


So this instagram reel video download trick is most amazing of all and put into no.1 in list.

2. Hide like & Views count

Instagram recently released new feature that you can Hide Like & View count on your photos and videos. Then people will not able to see how many likes and views count. Its also amazing for some who don’t want to show the engangements.

Hide like & Views count

This feature can be turned on separately on every photo. Like if you don’t want to show the likes of new added photo then you can turn off. Or may be you don’t want to show the views of your first video then you can turn off count for that.

To use this feature you have click over three upper right dots on any Photo or video.

And then select turn off like count or turn off like & view count. After this nobody will able to see how many likes or views the particular photo or videos got so far. This is helpful in many cases.

3. Check Instagram DM without seen tag

This is very useful like somebody messenging you and you want to reply later but still wants to check message. Then you don’t have to install any other app or use anything. Just follow the simple method.

Check Instagram DM without seen tag
  • Go to your messages and see WHO messages you (don’t open the message)
  • Then you just need to go to search bar.
  • Enter the username of following person who message you.
  • Go to his profile and click over options
  • Restrict the profile.
  • Now the profile will move to new Instagram messages section.
  • Now just go and see what they messaged you. You will still receive the messages from them and you can also see them and seen tag will not come.
  • After when you want to reply just unrestricted them.

Boom you just seen a message without seen tag.

4. Watch Instagram stories without seen tag

Amazing you can also watch people stories without seen tag. But you need to use one website for this. But this still evry useful because you don’t have to download any app which will take phone space.

Watch Instagram stories without seen tag

Just go instadp.com and search for the username. You will get all his posts and stories. You can also download it if you want to. This way you can see Instagram stories without seen tag.

Also, you can use see DP in full size.

5. Delete instagram account permanently

I think you don’t know but there is no option to delete instagram account in app. Also you will not find this option easily. So if you want to delete your account permanently then you have to follow these steps.


Delete instagram account permanently

Just click the link below, enter username and password and Click over delete the account.


Else, if you want to disabled for some time only then you can also do this.

  1. Log into instagram.com from a computer. You can’t temporarily disable your account from within the Instagram app.
  2. Click your profile picture in the top right and click Profile, then click Edit Profile.
  3. Scroll down, then click Temporarily disable my account in the bottom right.
  4. Select an option from the drop-down menu next to Why are you disabling your account? and re-enter your password. The option to disable your account will only appear after you’ve selected a reason from the menu and entered your password.
  5. Click Temporarily Disable Account.

6. Grow on instagram with stories

You can grow on instagram with stories. Many people don’t this thing. But if you want to grow on Instagram. Then you should use this method.

Grow on instagram with stories

You have to just post the recent post in your story. But you have to also use the hashtags related to post. Like if you have a post related to food then add the post in story and also add hashtags related to food.

This way the people who are looking for posts related to hashtags will find your post also using stories. Because stories are good way to boost.

7. Find trendings songs for Reels

If you want to get more views in your Reels then you should use trending songs in your reels. And it’s also very easy to find all trending songs. You can use all those songs in your Reels to get more exposure.

Find trendings songs for Reels

You have to go to Tokboard.com and you will find all the songs there.

Use these songs in your reeks and get more views and likes and also shares.

8. Rainbow Text

If you write text in stories then there is a cool way to write text in stories. You can write different words in different colors. To do this just need to long-press and select the text.

Rainbow Text

Then click over color and also press long. Then just move finger to change color and also move finger to select different words.

Watch the video below to see how to do this.

9. Instagram story saver app

If you want to save your friends Instagram stories on your phone to share on other apps. Then you shouldn’t download any app. There is one website that allows you to check people stories, download instagram story, see DP in full size.

Instagram story saver app

Instadp.com, you just need to search the instagram username and then you will able to see the stories, this is also amazing because you see stories without actually seeing on Instagram app means no seen tag.

Also you will get the Download button in stories. So you can download stories easy. This is best website for instagram story save in phone.

10. Add more than one link Instagram bio

If you want to add link in instagram bio then you can only add one link. But if you want to add more than one link then you cannot do this easily. But i have found one way to do this and also free and easy.


Just use Lazybio.com and create an account.

  1. Then click on create project and give any name.
  2. Then you need to make biolink page.
  3. After that you get the options to add profile picture, about you, SEO title and keywords.
  4. Then you will get the options to add links, videos and headings
  5. After that you will get the link, you just need to provide that link to bio.

See the links example here https://instagram.com/tripchoniy

These are best Hidden instagram tricks you can use to be smart and master in use of instagram.


I think these 10 Best hidden Instagram tricks will change your way to use Instagram. You are now smarter than everybody else. Because not everybody or only a few people know these tricks.

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